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Lexicon - Max Barry

Read this and thought to myself: what an underwhelming ending, which has been happening a lot lately with my recent reads. But let me just talk about the rest of the novel.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the main characters when I first met them, but both started growing on me as the narration began revealing their motives. I didn’t particularly care about one of the main antagonists until much later when it was pretty obviously revealed that they are, in fact, behind it all. What was great about the book was that it was told by a dual perspective and the reason I know it was written well was how I didn’t want to stop reading from either character’s perspective once I began their chapter. 

I read this book quite quickly once I finished exams, because there are many chapters that end with this cliffhanger-y, mind-splosions. Basically leaving you with this general feeling:


I had no attachment for the love interest, and I think the author meant for it to feel very distanced and as part of the lexicon coding the organization members’ use. Basically it left you feeling untrusting of just about anyone, not knowing who is honest and who is loyal to whom. If you enjoy books that make you suspicious of everyone, have a ‘big-brother is watching’ vibe, then this book will certainly satisfy!