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Goliath (Leviathan #3) - Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson

Romance and steampunk is what I’m assuming go hand in hand in most works of fiction, and although I always tend to hope that science fiction novels stay as far away from romantic sub-plots as possible, I found myself looking for the opposite in this instance.

This series in its entirety has received relatively great reviews, but one of my most trusted book recommenders found she didn’t enjoy the trilogy as much as many others have. This may have influenced my take from Goliath as I found myself a bit bored with the plot and the “shocking” revelations. 

I found myself firstly disappointed that the loris did not have any major political turning points because, throughout the series, I was led to believe they would play a major role. The book didn’t hold any funny aspects as the predecessors had and many characters held no meaning as they had in previous books. Volger, for example, did not have any repercussions about the final decision Alek made in the book; I don’t believe that one bit! I found myself skim reading the last bits of the book when I pretty much predicted all the happenings.  

The story itself seemed like it had such great potential, travelling to Japan and Siberia and America with a madman while Alek and Deryn fight political instabilities alongside the rest of the Leviathan crew. At the end of it all, I’m not sure if I can get behind the fact that the privileged Prince Aleksander, who has always cared so much for Austria, basically threw away all his responsibilities. 

One of the greater aspects was the first half when Deryn deals with the consequences of being found out from different people. I admire her for thinking far ahead with all her options and not letting her developing feelings take charge of her decisions. 

So the book started off quite promising but lost me when characters started doing things they probably wouldn’t have done and the writing became too descriptive which is when I lost interest. I still think the drawings were perfect and a great aid to the storytelling, no doubt. 2.5/5