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The Queen of Attolia - Megan Whalen Turner

I liked The Queen of Attolia, it turned out to be a great book about loyalty and had many political aspects. The queen of Attolia especially went from dislike to hatred to mild admiration all in one book, although admiring might be too strong of a word just yet.


I liked seeing elements of high fantasy play about in this book that weren’t as pronounced in the first book. It got a bit boring in the middle where it was a lot more setup and we’re just waiting to get on with the main twists.


Learning more about Attolia’s history as well as Eddis was really amazing, and showed their maturity at relatively young ages. One of the things that threw me off was the out of nowhere love for Gen had for Attolia (if someone can pinpoint when exactly he fell in love with her, I might’ve missed it somehow).


Also, the book has some bargains set that really turned the book around for me. It was basically like watching a historical TV show unfolds all in one episode. And I found that a lot of the dinners could’ve been skipped in the middle but I see Turner was trying to show Gen’s desperation after basically losing his life’s meaning.


Beginning of the book: 4 stars, middle: 2 stars, and end: 4 stars.