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Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare

** spoiler alert ** This entire review should not even be considered a review, it's basically a jumble of gurgling sounds and words:

This entire series, dear goodness! 10 out of 10, would cry over it all again and again. 

All I can say for this book is that it has the most tragic happy ending of all endings, which is entirely possible given this book. 

The epilogue and I...well SOMEONE should've warned me, but meh I'll just choose to not think about *his* death.

It was entirely heartbreaking, but confusing in other parts. So like, I'd rather Tessa let Will know about her feelings and how long she's had them, she made it seem that Will loved Tessa first and foremost whereas it seems to Will, that Tessa loved Jem first (or am I misunderstanding that, it was kinda confusing).

But overall, gut wrenching quotes and I will forever squeal over Tessa and Will, Will and Jem, Sophie and Gideon (not as much into Gabriel/Cecily but I don't mind them) AND of course my absolute fav character Henry being the amazing ball of amazing goodness with *sniffles* Lottie. I swear, I was SO angry when I thought Henry was about to die, this entire series would've gone down the drain for me.

I can't descirbe the immense pleasure I got when Tessa had the amazing angel takeover scene to kill Mortmain, I did NOT see that coming.

Such a bittersweet book.