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A short review for a slightly smaller book

City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare

To me, the second book of the bunch is always the one that makes it or break it for the entire series. Unless, of course you didn’t like the first one then there’s not much motivation to read the 2nd one. City of Ashes started off early in the book introducing a new character, Maia the werewolf. If the author gave Maia her own first person perspective in the series(which Clare did), I knew she was going to be a big part of this book.

Reading this for the third time, I have to say I liked it MORE than the first one. I could actually see Clare improving in her writing structure, with the less use of random and unnecessary literary devices. That was pretty much the only thing I disliked about City of Bones. Now the plot of this story is not much different than the first in the sense that the villain is once again, Valentine. We also see Jocelyn is still “recovering” in a mundane hospital; for goodness sakes Magnus Bane do something! We also see a lot of new things, such as the Lightwood parents, the High Inquisitor who basically is the head of the Shadowhunter government (more so a representative of the Clave), and Queen of the Seelie Court, yes a fairy Queen but it’s not as pretty as it sounds.  For those who’ve already read this book, what did you think about the rune things Clary was able to do? And before that she heard some positive things from, I believe it was Jocelyn which was pretty weird. We’ve already got the feel that Jace and Clary are not ordinary Shadowhunters (as ordinary as Shadowhunters can get), thanks to Valentine. I see that Clare involved a lot more characters who were leaders and heads in a way and we see that Alec, Jace, Izzy, and Clary have parental or external authorities that now control their decisions, or at least try to in Jace’s world. We also see the Downworlders and how they dwell in NYC; spoilerish: Simon will be palying a bigger, more serious role, in City of Ashes.

Oh and I definitely found being introduced to the first REAL child of the Shadowhunter world, Max Lightwood, pretty exciting. We’ve seen many adults and teens but he is the first young one of the book and you will see similarities and differences in their world and the mundane world. Truly trying to keep this review short, I will leave it at the fact that this book is HEART WRENCHING! From the actual relationships going on and off which FRUSTRATES me to no end, to the death toll. It will be UNBELEVIABLE, but fear not mundanes (yes, wish I wasn’t) because there will be revival of both love and loved ones.

On that note, I will leave by giving this book a 5/5, much better than the first, and once again left with unfinished problems which will be addressed to in City Of Glass.