Incomplete Tales

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Angels & Demons  - Dan Brown

Ummm…well this book was long…unnecessarily long. And I made it even longer by dragging it on, not reading it for days. I guess I liked the plot, and the characters Robert and Vittoria were great. But the others, camerlengo, popes, and all these swiss guards added up to be way too confusing. I always ended up mixing them up. The ending was really good though, I never expected…that dude to be the culprit. Unpopular opinion, I really liked the Hassasin. Not him, but he brought a little excitement and action to the books so I always looked forward to his parts. I can’t wait to see how he’s brought to the movie screen. I did enjoy the different intellectual uses to find the next place of murder, even if it seemed a little far fetched.

I think I’ll 2.5 because it was just a little too long, and the writing style was not one of my favs. I wish I could make this review a little longer, but I don’t want to make this into a rant (plus, I am currently drunk off cough/cold meds.)