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The Da Vinci Code  - Dan Brown

Adored, adored, adored this book. It was an epic read, much better than Angels and Demons just because it didn’t overwhelm you with too many facts. No seriously, don’t let the daunting size push you away. This book moves very fast and you can easily read 10% of the book a day. I want to reiterate that it’s a lot more of a fun read than Angels and Demons, I just thought that book lacked…wit? excitement? well, whatever it was, this book had it. I still think it’s a better idea to read the prequel then Da Vinci Code first because it really makes Langdon better as a character to relate to, you can see where he comes from, yada yada. Mid way through the book, everything picks up and becomes very action packed, as in running through the UK and France and hiding from international police, all the while chasing after a legend that may well just be a legend. But without giving too much away, it is phenomenally written. The bad guy who we all assume is the bad guy turns out to be good, the good guy who you thought you can trust turns out to be the leader. I always thought he was up to something, when he was kidnapped but Dan Brown didn’t let anyone into the loop  until the very end. So yeah, 4/5 for this exciting read, a wonderful introduction to adult books for anyone.