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Harry Potter and Philosophy: If Aristotle Ran Hogwarts - David Baggett, Shawn E. Klein

No, don’t let the first few words excite you. This is not a new Harry Potter book. I know, let all the excitement just deflate away. Now judging from the summary, you probably think “Wow this must be a great insight and deep analysis on the world of Harry Potter.” Mind you, the last 2 books haven’t been published yet. But even aside from that, this book only touches on the selected topics. The “essay” style is probably not a great choice because they’re all too short and read as just that, a school paper. So it’s safe to say I probably would not have purchased this book had I read it first in the library. If anyone knows any Harry Potter books that are more in depth, then please let me know so I can temporarily get rid of the recurring PPD (post potter depressing) symptoms.