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Escape from the Carnivale - Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, Greg Call

So this is first and foremost, a children’s fantasy book. Probably for kids around grade 4? So bearing that in mind, I’ll say that this book will hold a lot of adventures and fascinating plots for the little ones. Also, the book is not too cheesy (I know I never liked it when the moral of the book always took up so much time from the actual adventures) nor was it inappropriate in any way. Pretty sure there are more in the series, so if you guys(or wee ones you know)  like Peter Pan and want more stories from his world, then this book will definitely satisfy. Wish I read it way before; I would’ve enjoyed the book immensely. So, 2/5 for me as a 20 year old, and 4/5 for 9 year olds.