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Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins

I hate it when a series ends. There’s this certain pain when you know you have to let go of their story. The worst part is the hollowness I feel when I’ve just finished a book and I can’t bear to pick up another, in fear of devoting myself to these new characters only to have them wretched away in the face of reality, and also this feeling of guilt since I am betraying the prior series in my action. So in my emptiness of emptiness, I write this review on Mockingjay, wondering why I couldn’t have been more patient and taken at least a week between each book.

The ending to one gutsy tale, this book just left me depressed. Now I want to clear out that I don’t hate this book at all. Collins has always been quite harsh pertaining to how she writes her death scenes, and I never really got used to how little time Katniss and the readers have to swallow down certain deaths. It took me a while but I’ve decided this feeling of bitterness isn’t towards how Collins writes certain scenes, but the way it happens in the story. Because it is true, in a war you won’t have time to say goodbye to anyone, no time to linger on someone’s death because you’re moments away from your own and others.

At times, I admit I was very confused. About Haymitch not playing a bigger role, not really finding out about Annie and Finick’s past, and most importantly how the war played out. This was one part of the book that I was furious about. Katniss should not have gotten so injured so early in the battle. Not saying this because she’s quite tough (which she is) but because without her we don’t’ get a firsthand look at how the rebel-Capitol war played out. Sure we heard about it from everyone, but after everything that’s occurred, I doubt Katniss had any sense of closure. Now let’s talk about the ending, it was quite good considering the tone. It wasn’t so happy that it would seem they’ve all forgotten about the war, and certainly not too upsetting considering the epilogue (I’m not talking about which ‘Team wins’, talking about our main character’s resolution). *spoiler* I just found it, once again, quite harsh that Collins didn’t have Gale and Katniss have one last meet up, or for the mother to live away from Katniss. Yes, I get that Mrs. Everdeen can’t go back to a place with such horrid memories, but if I were Katniss the only thought in my head would be “She’d rather have Primrose than me”. In such a tough time when they clearly need each other, she abandons her and that is Mrs. Everdeen’s only mistake. I didn’t blame her so much for what she’s done in the past than what she’s done after the war.

My bad for the overly depressing review, but aside from all the negativity I’ve written about the book, everything else was just perfectly done, though tragic  at times. I had certain things spoiled (thanks tumblr J ) but I got over it. This book deserves a 4.5/5 star and the entire trilogy a definite 5/5. I wouldn’t mind another couple books actually; I can certainly see the districts issue with greediness and maybe even another uprising on hand. Anyways, not entirely sure what I’ll be reading next, but my hands have automatically went back and picked up Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince so I suppose it’ll be a while before I have another new story in hand. Hope everyone’s well and happy, here’s a kiss on my left three fingers pointing to all you out there (actually it’s my laptop but you get the point)!