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Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins

Hello all, what a fine day it is toda…who am I kidding? Just finished reading Catching Fire and you all very well know from the first book how Collins adores ending on wonderful evil cliff hangers. This book follows the same pattern. So yes, I finished this book in a matter of days (could’ve been a day if I wasn’t sneaking the read around) solely because it was so addicting! Not a minute went by when I wasn’t thinking about Katniss and the squad. Even now, I just want to quickly finish this review and pick up Mockingjay, for which I’ve heard many mixed reviews about. Well, even for this book but I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were certain parts where I got annoyed at the indecisiveness Katniss has, but then if I were her I’d probably do the same. Now to get into more detail (spoilers hence on), we’re introduced to many new characters, new settings, and also new characteristics to already known characters. Elaborating on that, Finnick and Johanna are one of the many few tributes Peeta and Katniss form an alliance with. The ending with Johanna was so unexpected, I kind of predicted her betraying the alliance and then all of a sudden we found out she didn’t? Collins certainly keeps you on your toes in her books. I loved hearing about District 13 from the two runaways; I knew for sure at that point the next book will be based on that. I’m guessing they too have their own force field that only people who know the weak point can get in? And how long has Haymitch known about District 13 existing, I’m sure it only confirmed the fact when Katniss told him about it. I don’t know, but anyways Haymitch, Gale, and Peeta develop so much more in this book unlike Katniss who’s still very brash, but wouldn’t want her any other way. Peeta certainly develops into a stronger character in this book, but what i hated was how immediately after the games began, Collins hurt Peeta straight away. It just seems so off that he worked and trained just as hard and still he gets hurt so fast! Gale is someone we get to know of as a new character and I have to say he’s certainly likeable and him being the first to be whipped was excruciating to read. Concluding time, I will be giving this book a solid 5/5, no reason needed. I can’t wait till I get reading Mockingjay and hopefully it’s not as much of a bummer as everyone says it is.