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The Hunger Games  - Suzanne  Collins

Here and now begins my review of the hunger games, pretty scared of what I write for this review because I know for some people it’s really up there with Harry potter and other dominating series out there. This review is my ongoing reaction and i have it broken down so if you start hating me for the first couple of chapters, my apologies stick with me, you’ll hopefully re-like me again.

After the first couple of chapters: So I started the first chapter and found it awfully boring (put your sticks away please!). Pretty biased because I never found the post apocalyptic/dystopian genre appealing. But this book definitely has a nice tone so I continued on and admit the world North America has turned into (specifically how it came to be) fascinates me. Katniss’s narration used to seem boring and monotone but it makes sense growing up in such a Margaret atwoodesque universe. Peeta and Gale, whom tumblr and other sites have been quite crazy over, seem pretty interesting as well. They’re both just there and I feel indifferent towards them for the first 7 chapters

Midway: The hunger games is one addicting book! And not in the sense of finishing the book in one day, oh no even if you’re not reading it you’ll be thinking about it. What’s Katniss doing now? Where will she be hiding? For probably the first time in a while, I’m more interested in what’s happening in the book at the moment rather than the end of the story itself. Bit yeah basically halfway through the book and I’m officially convinced it’s one heck of a book! Spoiler spoiler question to myself:: what the hell Peeta!!! You’re so confusing, just either make it clear if you want to kill Katniss or not! (This is after reading about him telling Katniss to run off and hide)

So far it’s a very fascinating world and ugh the hunger games themselves: it’s despicable!!! The sad thing is, in a thousand years, I won’t be surprised if our world does turn into something like this. How far will we go for entertainment? Back to the book, when I first started this book I was disappointed with the large font size and lack of material, but now I think it’s perfectly written with the right amount of… graphic violence? I felt disgusted reading about the things happening in the Games, but at the same time it wasn’t too squeamish to read about.

Post reading, worldly ramblings and whatnot: Here’s the deal, this book converted me from being apprehensive picking up this book to a certain fascination, and now that I have finished reading it, obsessed. Yes, I found the world very interesting and Katniss, I REALLY LIKE HER! She’s such a thrill to read, the writing style took a while to get used to since I wasn’t really used to reading the whole book with choppy sentences, but I’ve learned to accept and admire Collin’s form of writing. The one thing I thought this book was missing was some humour, but it’s pretty understandable in this book. It would seem a little off during the Hunger Games. So yeah, what a twist of events in the book and even my perception of the book. I honestly thought I would not like this book at all, being dystopian and hearing so much in the media how it’s relatable to Twilight. SO NOT! Reminder to self: don’t judge a book by its media coverage. Speaking of reminders, I think this book was not only entertaining but while I was eating dinner, I thought of how luck a lot of us are, living in a pretty amazing life with really great standard of livings. I know we all have so much to be sad about, but think of a life in the Seams. I think we should really keep in mind that we don’t need much to survive except good meals (and not a giant feast) and someone to share stories with. No wonder our world is in such turmoil, we’ve all kind of strayed from what we need to survive and be happy with materialistic (a book itself is considered pretty materialistic) “needs”. I know this was a different review from my regular ones; I just wanted to keep my review as my primary reaction rather than an account of the content in this book. Apologies for getting a little sappy and worldly in this review too. Also, the whole Team Peeta/ Gale thing I’ve been seeing on tumblr?  I like Peeta, but because Collins merely introduced Gale’s character and there wasn’t any development with him, you know? Aside from that, I’m in love with all the characters, and yes I even pitied Cato at the end. This book gets a 4.5/5, just a couple points of for being a little teensy uninteresting in the beginning.

Side thought, on the upcoming movie: I saw the trailer right after I finished the book, it was so tempting to watch it before I finished but WOW, I thought it was fantastic. Here are my character to actor reactions:  Gale: he’s good, no comment really on him we don’t know him personally in the books yet, Peeta: uhhhhh I’m gonna have to say he wasn’t my imagination Peeta but I’m still open to how Josh plays him out, Katniss: GOOD  GOD SHE’S KATNISS COME RIGHT OUTSIDE THE BOOK, SHE’S BLOODY BRILLIANT!!! No really, girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence is pretty understandable right? Moving on, to Effie: perfectly funky and weird, kind of reminds me of Rita Skeeter, Haymitch: pretty awesome, he reminds me of Xenophilius Lovegood(maybe I’m just in need of another HP marathon). Oh oh oh, Rue fits the description very well, I just have a question, was Prim supposed to be blonde?  I don’t remember her description but yeah, Katniss is brunette right…but yeah minor detail, no problem Cato ,Cato, Cato, you were never this good looking in my brain! I imagined a VERY bulky, wrestler sort of looking guy. This Cato makes me want to…..mmmm Alexander Ludwig’s far too good looking for me to hate him. Then there’s Cinna, um like Peeta I’m going to have to form a full reaction after the movie, because I can definitely see a Cinna sort of spunk in the guy.

But yeah super excited for the movie, I think the best part of the trailer was when Katniss has all these guards around her and she’s in the middle, gahhh the director did a pretty phenomenal job so far in making it look more action, I’m hoping the romance bit is kept to a minimal just like in the book, I’d love to see more survival Katniss than confused-in-relationships-Katniss. Alright, enough rambling!!  Have a good day everyone and always think of how much MORE we have than the people of District 12, should keep you quite happy.  Onto Catching Fire!