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Wings - Aprilynne Pike

I finished this book about a week ago, and didn’t know how to approach a review for this book. When I had put the book on my bedside table, I did not feel as though it was over. Mainly because it was a sort of cliff-hanger but it was different from other books in the sense that this one wasn’t exactly…life threatening to anyone. Starting with the main character, Laurel is what most high school students would consider model like. She even eats like one, but not for the same reasons. Yes, this book is about faeries and you have already guessed from reading the summary, she is one. Now this book is a series out of 3 and I think I’ll definitely read the next one because the story line was pretty different. One of the guys, David, actually made the fairy thing all biology related by exploring their different cells compared to plants and animals. It was an enchanting and a new take on mythical tales with faeries and trolls and probably other species while the story progresses on. It was definitely a quick read and the minor love triangle didn’t overtake the main storyline. The two guys actually aren’t polar opposites in which most female characters usually choose the bad ass one. These two guys are both chivalrous, protective, and understanding what with a few minor differences which you’ll see once you read the book. Set in a high school environment, this book is definitely one of the better summer reads that will fascinate and open the minds to possibilities of fairies existences…ok not really, but it’s more realistic than the original stereotypical fairies. I actually expected this book to be way worse and went in with no expectations, so if you’re looking for an action packed, thrilling, and/or romantic book take a step back, breathe deep, and blank out your mind of any of that and hopefully then you too will enjoy this wonderful addition to the fantasy bookshelf.

Overall, I’ll be giving this book a well deserved 4/5 for a smooth summer read. The next two books sound as promising as this first one and I am actually looking forward to seeing her times with her two leading lovers. Very glad I bought this book over Immortal by Gillian Shields.