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The Secret Life of Laszlo, Count Dracula - Roderick Anscombe

Eloquent. That’s just the perfect description for this story and the way it’s written. Having never read Dracula, I think this is a great insight to his world. I truly genuinely enjoyed the book for its different perspective. Most books that usually get into a character and make him grow with the reader usually lose interest at one point of their life. But the author kept each time period very well put together. I think it’s a great novel not for the mystery but the slow descent into the character of Dracula. Yeah, emphasis on the slow because the character himself can’t tell he’s becoming the monster until quite the very end. So I recommend this book to all those lovers of quiet suspense books, not necessarily vampires or mystery novel fans because that’s not the main plot of the story. I doubt the new vampire fans would enjoy this book, by all means try it out because it sure surprised me. I’m tempted to give this book a solid 5/5 because I seriously can’t think of anything negative for this book. Well, 4.5/5 because it was a tad longer than expected and didn’t have a lot of gruesome scenes as the other reviews have suggested (hey girl’s gotta have some horror in her books, hehe).