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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, #1) - Douglas Adams, Russell T. Davies


This book was such a ride! If anyone knows anything about it, they’d know that this is a supposedly funny adventure novel. But the humour in this book isn’t like any other book. It is so immersed in it’s sci-fi almost-parody-like world that it’s bound to get a chuckle out of everyone. It is more of an adult based humour, not that it’s inappropriate but because they are done in a very refreshing way, which is hard to explain more than the fact that the jokes are very much so immersed into the plot.

Wait, plot? I thought Hitchhiker’s was a book that had no plot. Not true, it has quiet a hilarious plot, albeit not one to take seriously. I’ll let the summary speak for itself on that account, but I just want to mention that the best parts about this book was that it never took itself too seriously and it always had a jarring comment to make for every occasion. It hilariously and quite wittingly mentions philosophical life discussions, a miserable and overly emotional android, and one amazing answer to the Universe’s Ultimate Question.

Overall, one should read this book for a great laugh that’ll be remembered for times to come, but certainly don’t go into it thinking the plot and climax is what it’s all about. 3.5-4/5.

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