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Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo
More of a random ramble than a review: I enjoyed this book even more so than Shadow and Bone. My only major problem with the book was Mal. I don't remember liking him in the first book, and I really felt he kept pulling the pacing and holding the plot back whenever he showed up. He became more and more of a nuisance and by the end of the book, I dislike his character very much and I go so far as to say I hope he doesn't show up as much in the last book (although that seems unlikely but heres to hoping he doesn't become Alina's main man). But everything else was so fantastic, a great political world interwoven with monsters, pirates, and less focus on balls unless they were important to the storyline. Alina's character grew and fell and grew stronger again that I began to like her more than I did in the first book. I felt that Sturmhond's character (without spoilers) is so much like Mr. Odair from the Hunger Games, that I really hope the author doesn't kill him off in the next book, or perhaps he's already dead in this book since his location and well being was left a bit ambiguous.  So ignoring the extremely irritating characterization of Mal, this book is amazing and obviously I cannot wait to pick up the last book and read even more about the Darkling, perhaps even more backstories of his past.