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Leviathan (Leviathan #1) - Scott Westerfeld, Keith Thompson

So, Leviathan is a steampunk historical fiction young adult series involving two main characters with double perspective narration. Sounds exciting as soon as I picked it up. Alek is a prince from Austria-Hungary on the run while Deryn is a girl in hiding in the British Air Service. Both have their own conflicts and secrets that play influence all their actions throughout the book.


I didn’t go in expecting a lot of..ahem romantic sub-plot, and found myself relieved that what little there was, never took away from the scenes playing out. As I’ve mentioned in other reviews, I absolutely despise when characters let go of their current situations (such as a war) and choose to …get it on regardless of their present spot. Deryn and Alek’s feelings never got in the way, and during the end you can understand why one may be getting more-than-friends thoughts for the other. Little moments like that make me gush more than out of nowhere declarations of love. Also, NO love triangle! Thank you, Scott Westerfeld, I really hope it doesn’t happen in the rest of the series.


4.5/5 stars, leaning towards 5.


The main characters were so well thought out and felt three dimensional, with their own pasts entangling with their present actions. Everything they did felt justified, even though sometimes Deryn and Alek both made some stupid decisions. I especially loved loved Deryn’s character, everything badass and all the cleverness! I sometimes forget she’s very new to the air service with all the quick decisions she makes throughout war. The secondary characters were so enjoyable to read about, especially Volger who can be a right ass sometimes to Alek. It was so great though, since he needs a little head-butt kicking every once in a while being the heir to a nation.

This was basically everything I wanted from a steampunk book, and more. Everything! The way the story plays out reminds me of the adventure filled writing of Kenneth Oppel’s Airborn series, which was also a marvelous find. The rebels and political drama felt extremely realistic and the Clankers vs. Beasties plot points fit in very well, the lovely drawings by Keith Thompson definitely helped in the beginning of the book and emphasized the magnitudes of these creatures. Think something straight out of Pacific Rim, only during the World War era. The story itself moved pretty slowly but Westerfeld’s writing; I like it! It rarely felt forced or random. I think people who have read the Uglies series will probably like it, I will definitely be picking up the rest of this series and his other series as well.