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The Martian - Andy Weir

We all love a sass mouth. Especially in a situation where said sass mouth should probably be smacked over the head for their horrid timing. This book is placing the sassiest of sass mouths on a genius astronaut botanist and following his journey to survive on a not so survivable planet.



This novel has been the greatest gift to humanity in the form of science fiction. It is laugh out loud funny, and if you try to explain what you’re laughing at, well good luck because you’ll just come off as very sinister and probably in need of some help. Yes, this book is hysterical but the jokes are usually morbid and yet still manage to not come off as annoying. Kudos to Weir for finding that balance!


I’m in love with space. Have I mentioned that? I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut (doesn’t everyone?) and my heart shattered in high school when I realized physics and me do not get along. So I may or may not be living out my dream with this book. Anyway, there is some doubt in me as to how they’ll translate that humor into the upcoming movie; especially with the trailer -THAT GIVES EVERYTHING AWAY- which focuses more on the survival aspect and gives off some serious tones, kind of like Interstellar. Also, Matt Damon as Watney? Really?


I really want to mention how EASY this book was to read. I mean it is adult fiction and I always go in a little daunted. But, the flow of each chapter and the back and forth from NASA on planet home to ARES crew members to Watney on Mars was seamless and left me wanting more from each perspective. I’m not saying this was an easy to understand read though. The math! And the calculations! It was confusing but the intense desperation of the plot made me forego how idiotic the scientific aspects made me feel. I’m glad it wasn’t dumbed down is what I’m trying say.


I loved this book. That’s all I have to say. And the last two chapters are absolute perfection. You will be holding your breath the entire time. Then again, anything with space and/or Russia is hard to dislike, ever, imo.