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Super long, 2 spoilers, mostly my feel for the book

City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare

Ok, so I think I finished this book 4-5 days ago and I NEEDED to read another book, take a couple days away from the TMI series, and basically just get my thoughts together. The reason being was that this book evoked SO many different emotions from me from distaste, all the way to the inability to hate certain chapters. So, I’ve been re-reading the first couple of chapters of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban just to get my mind off things. However, all I did was compare this book to Harry Potter, so I’ve stopped midway before I start hating on the book because that’s just unfair. And then I went on YouTube and saw a positive review from a reviewer, and a negative review from tumblr. So I have a bunch of different perspectives and I get where everyone’s coming from with their own reviews. So onwards we go;

Jace Herondale is NOT who he used to be, physically yes, but not personality wise. *spoiler*No I am not bashing on Jace because he was possessed, I just dislike how he’s becoming TOO vulnerable when it comes to himself*spoiler end*. Jace has gotten “soft” and while many have said that Clary’s whiny, I personally don’t see it and I never minded her as the main character. She’s good enough, normal and that’s just what main characters should be (mind you, I don’t despise reading about strong or Mary-Sue like characters).Anyways, my point being is that a 4th book was definitely unessacary, even though my fan girl side is screaming that there will never be enough of the mortal instruments. Regarding the half Clary’s Point of view, half Simon, and partial Jace, it worked out perfectly fine and made me re-like Simon. In the first book, I loved the guy but after he became…what he did (not wanting to spoil anyone), he then was more of a stranger to me, someone I had to get to know all over again with their new personality. And I did not like who he was becoming, although in this book I see Simon’s funnier and develops a player side. I hate his player side. Period. I mean, I NEVER in a MILLION years (or in warlock years, BILLION) would’ve thought that Simon Geekzilla Lewis would 2 time a girl after chasing women all his life. I mean come ON, jerk alert! Fine, this was his only mistake: Jerk move! I still liked his quirky side, but if I was Clary I’d definitely sit down with him and have a little talk. *spoiler*my apologies for being offended of his player ways more than his sucking someone’s blood till she was almost drained*spoiler end* .One of the new characters, prestige dude Jordan Kyle, was one of the reasons I kept reading the book. I loved the history being him and Maia and his bodyguard personality and everything about him reminded me of the Wolves of Mercy Falls Series by Maggie Stiefvater. I mean, for those who have read that series, can’t you see him as being part of one the characters? I think he was PERFECT for Maia. And I’m hoping for more of their story in the next books because Clare bored me with the Jace-Clary relationship in COFA. Please don’t kill me for saying that, I was honestly trying to get into it but for some reason, it seems so mismatched with these two now and NOT in the “opposites attract” way. Anyways, the plot of the story was ridiculous and it’s one of the reasons why I did not like the book. I felt that 2 chapters from closing the book was when the excitement finally began happening. Prior to that, the book was just teen angst and the reason why I loved this series from the get go was BECAUSE it was void of teen angst and all the realism that comes with that. It annoyed me to no end to see that they were all hiding secrets from each other when in fact the TRAINED Shadowhunters should be mentally focused in making the right decisions! Honestly, it read like a fan made version of the story to me (not bashing because I know some excellent ones out there) and not at all like an actual book. On a brighter note, Maxwell Lightwood made a comeback in a twisted and demented, Sebastian Verlac way. I miss Max so much, particularly liking Isabelle for remembering the good times with him and oh yes, she was one character who I still like for being strong headed, focused, and funny all at the same time. Jace, you should hang with Izzy sometime, because clearly you’re losing your snarky way.

Overall, a 3.7/5 because this book was pretty much pointless (harsh for a new storyline) considering the plot, but I did like it because I can’t get enough of the TMI characters, and a new addition (Jordan Kyle) made an excellent mix. Started liking some characters more than others, while disliking others who I always loved (Jace, get your act together!) Other than that, this book is a great read for those who WANT to continue on with the stories of Jace, Magnus, Alec and others, but I would personally suggest that if you are content with the way City of Glass ended, you don’t have to continue onward.