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Forever - Maggie Stiefvater

 Well what do we have here? A tear jerking ending to another great series? Wonderful! So lots and lots of character growth which is super exciting because they pretty much fix their weaknesses. So, Sam takes on a more confident role- or at least trying to -is nice to see while Grace seems a little lost , guess that’s a side effect of becoming a wolf. In this book I find myself loving Cole more and more same with Isabelle right from the start we see Cole trying to mend the relationship in his own cynical way while Isabelle surprisingly ignores his advances. In the first part of this book we don’t see much of Grace Sam relationship Because well, they haven’t even met in the first 26 chapters (no worries, some of them are super short) yet. This book is one I recommend you don’t rush through because there are details you don’t want to miss. I actually took this book a chapter a day, I just dot want this trilogy to end.

As great as this book started, with all the characters having somewhat of a split personality( ex: Isabelle showing her sensitive side to her mum, Sam trying to be all tough and confident in front of the cops) the mid parts of Forever just wasn’t as interesting. Well it reminded me a lot about the twilight saga where there’s something bad that’s going to happen and yet no one is doing anything about it (except Cole, I swear he belongs with me not Isabelle). Sam you know what Culpepr is capable of doing, do something! Although, my romantic side is squealing at Sam’s though process when pondering buying Grace a dress. Anyways remember that cop from the first book? Well, I’ll just say he plays a very crucial part in this book. As in: without him, no one would really know how to put Cole’s plan into action.  I admit, I got a bit  bored in the middle sorry guys bummer but it gets much real good after a couple of those mid chapters.

I finished this book today (2011-12-06) and I was actually planning on reading this very slowly. But, along came the climax and it was phenomenal. I think the slow pacing in the middle was very much needed; otherwise it wouldn’t flow as well amongst the entire series. But wow, to those who don’t love Cole St. Clair, believe you me, your opinions will hopefully change for the better. I mean, the guy was just there for me in Linger but he definitely came to terms with himself, became my new favourite character, and without delving too much into the details, I yelled directly into my book at a certain chapter.. SO MUCH ANGUISH! But fear not, it is a happy ending. I’ve read a couple reviews where they didn’t like the ending or it was just too sad. I guess I took the wrong meaning and assumed they meant the book ended somewhat tragically. But after having read the book, the sadness was probably from coming to terms with the trilogy ending (unless they wanted a tragic ending?). I know I mentioned mostly Cole, and not much of the others. But the way he began to turn his life around, well my apologies but he really does outshine everyone else right through. Unpopular opinion: Isabelle and Cole should hook up, but then stay really good friends. I don’t know, I may change my mind on that. What do you guys think, better as a couple r as friends? Anyhow, a very beautiful trilogy and with amazing characters with REAL personalities, even the wolves! I don’t think we’ve met Ulrik but man I love what I’ve heard about him from Sam.  I think I’ll always have one of those months where I’ll reread this series again, and it’s a great collection for just about anyone who doesn’t hate the idea of other …creatures, living amongst us.

So all in all, 4.5/5.oh what the hay, 5/5, there’s nothing wrong with it! And I mean the entire series as a whole. This book flowed so perfectly with the other ones that it felt as though I’m reading one story, not a series. Yes this is a good thing because my memory fails me to distinguish between books. The Scorpio Races is most certainly going on my to-read pile; Stiefvater has such an intricate way of writing. 20 minutes into finishing this book, I feel the same feeling I felt after finishing Harry Potter for the gazillionth time: numb, depression soon to follow. PS. In no way at all is this book being compared to Harry Potter, just a side note.